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Photography Prompt Cards
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Photography Prompt Cards, inspired by the empowering everyday cards I decided to create 31 cards that each contain a prompt to inspire you to get creative with your photography. The cards can be used within the image or simply just to inspire the image. On the back of the card contains a list of hashtags that are relevant to the prompt. To make things even easier I have added a QR code that can be scanned and will take you directly to a PDF file containing the hashtags, you will then be able to copy and paste these over onto the social media of your choice.

Of course these cards don’t have to just be for use on social media they could just simply be something that inspires you that day to pick up your camera, even if you don’t share your image, these cards will help to keep you creative. You can look through the hashtags on the back of each card for inspiration too. You can see the community behind it and hopefully that will leave you feeling creative.

This item will be on pre-order until 50 sales have been achieved so I can order the first print run. Your money will be held until then if by mid-December I have not achieved 50 sales your money will be refunded in full.

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